(COMIC1☆11) [Redbell (Akazawa Fuyuki)] Star Tanjou (THE IDOLM@STER)

“Thank you for such a wonderful evening,” Kimberly Knight said to her hostess and friend Ruth Pedersen, “let’s do it again real soon, all right!!!” Ben Knight stood quietly behind his wife while she gave the proper thank yous, but once they were in the car and on their way home, her cheery outward appearance immediately turned nasty!!! “Can’t you do anything right,” she snapped, “it’s like I’m raising a five year old boy!!!” “I-I’m sorry, dear,” he mumbled while not at all sure what he had done wrong!!! “You’re such a sniveling simp,” she snapped, “the light’s green, you can go now!!!” “Jesus, she can be such a bitch,” he thought to himself while pulling through the intersection, “only god in heaven knows what I’ve done, and he’d better stay out of her way or he’d be in trouble too!!! The car was barely stopped when Kimberly stomped into the house and slammed the door behind her, leaving Ben alone trying to figure out what had set her off, but when he couldn’t even come up with a hint of and idea, he sighed deeply and headed into the kitchen!!! He was just about to open the refrigerator door to get a snack when a voice that could cut glass rang out ordering him to come up stairs this instant!!! He hesitated for a moment, thinking that he’d get his eats first, but that didn’t seem like the prudent thing to do, so he reluctantly trudged up the steps to their bedroom on the second floor!!! “What too you so long,” she snapped, “I’ve been waiting up here for hours, now get your ass over here and unzip my dress!!!” Quickly he traversed the twenty feet over to her dressing table, and as she stared at him coldly in the mirror, he gently tugged the zipper down her back until it came to a stop just above her ass!!! “How was that,” he asked brightly!?! “Oh that’s just wonderful, Ben,” she remarked snidely, “you’re so fucking talented, you can actually unzip a dress without someone having to help you, what a prize you’ve turned out to be!!!” He started to protest, but the look on her face told him that just shutting his mouth and letting her finish her rant was the best course of action to take!!!

Kimberly stood up and slipped out of her pure while camisole, and after staring at her image in the mirror, she reached around behind her back, and with a deftness only a woman could have, unhooked her the four clasps holding her 36D cup bra and let it slip down over her arms onto her dressing table!!! “How do you like my tits, Benny,” she asked softly while cupping them in her hands, “they’re perfect aren’t they!?!” Sensing that she was calming down a bit, Ben nodded in affirmation, and as she turned to face him, she thrust out her panty clad crotch and ordered him to slip them off!!! With his hands shaking he dropped to his knees, and after licking his dry lips, he gently pulled the satiny undies over her slim hips!!! His head began to spin with desire as he gazed with glassy eyes at her genitals, but knowing better than to make a move before he was given permission, he sat there in agony as he waited for her signal!!! When she was satisfied that she had waited long enough, she grabbed him by the ears, and in a very firm and forceful voice demanded, “Okay, my little man, suck mama’s big hard dick!!!”

With his mind spinning like a top, Ben leaned in, and after kissing his “wife’s” soft head, he opened his mouth and let it slip inside where he gently nibbled and sucked the big organ until she was cumming down his throat!!! “Ohhhhhhh my,” she gasped when her cum explode like a fire hose into his mouth, “that’s a good little boy, take care of mama’s big bad hardon, make her shoot down her little boy’s throat!!!” Ben was so addicted to his wife’s big cock that no matter the time or the place, if she asked him to suck it he most surely would have!!! Eight inches long and as thick as a woman’s wrist, Kimberly Knight was a wet dream come to life, with her pretty face, big boobs, long slim legs, and of course her powerful penis that kept her husband totally in her thrall!!! There was a reason she called him her little man, however, and that was because although he was a man’s man so to speak, his cock was smaller than average, and compared to his wife’s he looked like a little boy, hence she called him her little man or boy!!!

After taking a moment to recuperate from her cum, she kissed her husband on the mouth and then whispered into his ear, “Pull it out for me, show me your hard pecker!!!” This was always one the things that excited Ben the most, comparing his five inch erection to his wife’s thick monster, and after he had dropped his pants and shorts, they pressed their bodies together, allowing their erections to slide around in between them, being lubricated by the spate of precum that was dripping from both of their hot little slits while deep throating each other to the brink of orgasm!!! When Kimberly was sure that she was ready to blow another load, she quickly pulled away from Ben, and after leading him to the bed by his pecker, she lay down on her back, spread her legs, and offered her tight little asshole to her husband’s hard dick!!! Of all the times she felt the most female was when her husband mounted and fucked her like she was a normal woman!!! As Benny pounded away at her tight little ass, her huge cock slid back a forth between them, again driving itself closer and closer to another climax!!! Ben kissed her deeply on the lips, and as his penis convulsed hard in her tight rectum, her own pecker spasmed out of control as both of them shook like leaves in a wind storm while their brutally satisfying orgasm swept through them!!!

While they lay together in post coital bliss, Ben cupped Kimberly’s big boob and asked softly, “So, tell me what got you so mad after the party, I can’t think of one thing I did wrong!!!” She kissed him on the cheek and replied gently, “Nothing, you didn’t do anything wrong at all, I just want to keep you on your toes, okay!?!” He giggled a little as his penis began to stiffen and replied, “Okay!!!”

THE END. Telugu Filly Of Persona Branquinha .

Hentai: (COMIC1☆11) [Redbell (Akazawa Fuyuki)] Star Tanjou (THE iDOLM@STER)

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(COMIC1☆11) [れっどべる (赤沢冬希)]スタア誕生(アイドルマスター)

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