[mdo-h] Anarchy In The JS (Wakarase Manman) [Chinese] [Decensored]

I climbed off the bed and walked to the bathroom just as naked as I was the night before, I pushed open the half closed door and watched him shower through the glossy shower door and I smiled broader and walked further in the bathroom, “can I join you?” The door opened and I saw him looking out at me with a smile and I walked in closing the door behind me and he began to rub soap on my body with his hands then kissed me, I was finding it so erotic I was becoming hard and his hand went to my cock and soon we were lost in each other as we made love in the shower. When I did that I felt him jerk against me with a loud cry and warm liquid spilled onto my chest and stomach, it was all so great I slammed deep into him and held still as my seed burst deep into his ass, “Mmmmmmm.

Hentai: [mdo-h] Anarchy in the JS (Wakarase Manman) [Chinese] [Decensored]

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[無道叡智]アナーキーインザJS(わからせまんまん) [中国翻訳] [無修正]

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