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From the first kiss which had Bobby shaking so hard he missed Rachel's mouth and kissed her nose, to the first intimate caress, a now much more assured Bobby, cuppd the full bosom of his lover through her blue summer dress. His deep powerful voice filled the church entrance when he said, “Thank you fellow brothers, it is God's will that this sinner be punished and made top pay for her transgressions, and I will endeavor to make her see the error of her ways!” The three men nodded and turned around, leaving Rachel alone in the presence of her judge and jury!!!

The Deacon closed and locked the door and told Rachel to follow him, his towering frame seeming even larger in the semi darkness of the candle lit sanctuary.

Hentai: [Gouten Doujou (Karasuke D, KIKI)] Genshiken no Hon (Genshiken) [Digital]

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[轟天道場 (カラスケD, KIKI)]げんしけんの本(げんしけん) [DL版]

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