Shaved HMV – Jazz Resort Girl Gets Fucked

I was faced with a tough decision; do I attempt to answer in a higher, more feminine voice and risk being obvious anyway, do I not answer at all and appear stuck-up, or do I answer in my regular voice and see what sort of a reaction it would get? In the end, I only managed a sort of half grunt half sigh that could have sounded either male or female over the machinery running the jets in the pool as I shrugged my shoulders in a kind of “You-know-how-it-is” gesture. [Oyama! Kikunosuke VS (Henry Jack Jonsen III)]… It was all too much stimulation for me, and when Ted whispered in my ear that Daddy was going to cum deep in his Baby Doll’s bowels I bucked and stiffened, releasing my pent up orgasm into the waiting mouth of Jack who had a air-tight seal around my cock.

Hentai: HMV – Jazz Resort

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