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so i said ok about 30 min later she said ok john you can go play on the other side of the pool i have to tan my ass. Full story arund 1 am agan i woke up to some moving and sow that my sister took off her short shts and thong andtoss them on the ground and then moved her ass into me i was hard in a flash and was running up her ass crark so i said OO STEPH that feels good and she said your up what are you doing u and i said i woke up when yu took your thong off she said in shock im im not doing any thing and so i sai realy as i grab her pussy and she looked at me and smiled and i said do you really want to do this see said yeah i need your bigg fat cock in me i have wanted it in me for sooo long sp i smiles andsaid move up so she moved up and i plased the head of my cock right at the enterice of er pussy hole i rubed it a little with my dick to teas her then push slowly in o she was wet tight and warm it slid in so nice nd perect at first i was slowly fucking her to let her get use to it the after about 5 min i was pounding her pussy she was cumming like ever 5 min and moaning really load for about 30 min i fucked her harded then i have ever fucked a girl befor and i started to feel my cumm comeing up and i said ooo STEPH YOU ARE GOING TO IT A LOT OF CUM IN YOU OOOOOOOHHH IM CUMMING is i blew 7 or 8 powerfull urts of cum in her then i colapesed next to her i lay there for abot 5 min befor pulling out of her and haveing my cumm flow out of her ass and on the bed.

Hentai: [LewdyToons] My Boyfriend's Mom (Ongoing)

[LewdyToons] My Boyfriend's Mom (Ongoing) 1[LewdyToons] My Boyfriend's Mom (Ongoing) 2[LewdyToons] My Boyfriend's Mom (Ongoing) 3[LewdyToons] My Boyfriend's Mom (Ongoing) 4[LewdyToons] My Boyfriend's Mom (Ongoing) 5[LewdyToons] My Boyfriend's Mom (Ongoing) 6

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