Outdoor Okasarezarumono – Utawarerumono

They had heard of many foreign tourists visiting, to buy and use these mushrooms and decided to give it a try themselves. A closer look revealed two young boys, dressed in what appeared to be school uniform pants and coloured shirts.

Hentai: [Ducky Duck (Uehara Kai)] Okasarezarumono (Utawarerumono)

Okasarezarumono 1Okasarezarumono 2Okasarezarumono 3Okasarezarumono 4Okasarezarumono 5Okasarezarumono 6Okasarezarumono 7Okasarezarumono 8Okasarezarumono 9Okasarezarumono 10Okasarezarumono 11Okasarezarumono 12Okasarezarumono 13Okasarezarumono 14Okasarezarumono 15Okasarezarumono 16Okasarezarumono 17Okasarezarumono 18Okasarezarumono 19

[DUCKY・DUCK (上原甲斐)]犯されざるもの(うたわれるもの)

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