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“Ohhhhhhhh, John,” Ellyn cried, “she’s absolutely perfect, I can hardly wait to get her out of her clothes!!!” “Come in, dear,” John said to the tiny Japanese woman who was standing nervously in the foyer of the large suburban home of the John and Ellyn Wexman, “as you heard my wife is very happy to see you, and of course I am, too!!!” Taking their visitor by the arm, John led her into the family room in the rear of the house, and after pouring drinks for everyone asked, “So, Kira, are you sure you want to go through with it, we don’t want you to feel pressured into doing something you don’t want to do!?!” The little Asian took a sip of her wine, and after a moments hesitation replied softly, “I’m very happy to be here and am anxious to do you bidding!!!” The Wexmans gave each other lustful glances, and then after finishing off her drink, Ellyn Wexman went over to their visitor and kissed her gently on the mouth while letting her hands roam all over Kira’s pregnant belly!!! “H-how many months are you along, dear,” Ellyn asked softly while brushing the Kira’s smooth dark hair!?! “Uh, seven months, ma’am,” she replied with her head bowed, “I hope that meets with your satisfaction!!!” “Oh, completely,” Ellyn replied quickly, “her tummy certainly is plump, isn’t it, John, I mean she really looks like she’s pretty far along!?!” John was watching the two women interacting while he sipped on his wine, and he had to admit that Ellyn’s idea of having a pregnant woman share their bed was starting to look like a good one indeed!!! Ellyn’s hands seemed to be everywhere, and when she finally couldn’t wait another minute she asked breathlessly, “M-may I help you take off you dress, I’m just dy?}?ing to see your big belly!?!” The little Asian merely smiled at Ellyn before reaching down and grabbing her dress my the hem, and after giving a furtive look, lifted it up over her head and slipped it to the floor next to her, leaving her standing there in only her bra and panties!!!

“My god,” Ellyn moaned softly while caressing Kira’s breasts and tummy, “I’m simply drenching, and my pussy is absolutely on fire!!!” John had by now pulled his cock out of his pants, and while watching his wife have all the fun, began calmly fisting his big hammer while Ellyn undid the catches on Kira’s bra, which allowed her larger than normal breasts pop invitingly into view!!! Ellyn’s mouth immediately went to one of the dark milky nipples while Kira held her head gently in her arms as the middle aged American slut fed feverishly at her ripe chest!!! Ellyn wasn’t the only one with a wet pussy, and if you looked closely you could see a definite line of moisture running along Kira’s crack which was plainly visible on the crotch of her white cotton panties!!! Although she could have sucked on the scrumptious nipple forever, Ellyn wanted so much more, so after reluctantly allowing it to slip from hr mouth, she quickly stripped herself naked and again took the petite Asian into her arms allowing their breasts to press together as they again kissed one another deeply!!!

While their tongues interlocked, Ellyn’s fingers were busily slipping Kira’s panties from her oversized waist, and as her panties fell to the floor, she could feel the American slut slipping a digit into her now gushing pussy, and in almost no time at all bring her to a crushing orgasm with just the tip of her index finger!!! Kira moaned loudly as her climax washed over her, but if she though they were finished she was very mistaken because in the next moment following her cum, Ellyn plopped her big ass down on the sofa, and then with her legs spread and her arms out, she beckoned the young woman to take a pla?}?ce between her plump thighs where she offered her bulging sex to Kira’s hot mouth!!! “Oh, John,” she gasped as the tiny Asian’s mouth connected with her gaping slit, “s-she’s wonderful, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh god, she’s doing my fucking clit, ohhhhhhhhhh what a nice tongue she has!!!” John’s hand was literally flying up and down his huge shaft as he watched Kira sucking his wife to a brutally hard climax, and just as Ellyn’s pussy let loose with a thundering orgasm, John’s rock hard pecker spasmed hard in his hand, sending a torrent of hot spunk rocketing onto the carpeted floor in front of him!!!

After taking a moment to regain her senses, Ellyn kissed Kira softly on the lips and whispered, “Now is when the fun really begins, follow me!!!” Ellyn took Kira by the hand and led her into a large bathroom just down the hall, and with John weaving around like a drunken sailor trailing after them, Ellyn guided Kira into the large tub!!! “Do you like it hot,” Ellyn asked while turning on the tap!?! “Mmmmm, yes,” the little oriental replied, “but I don’t think my pussy could get any hotter than it is right now!!!” “We’ll see about that,” Ellyn giggled while twisting the hot water handle to high, “I think you’ll be surprised at how much hotter it can get!!!” John had slipped up behind Ellyn, who was now on her knees and leaning over the edge of the tub, and after kissing both cheeks on his wife’s fat ass, lined up his thick pecker and slid it easily into her puffed up slit!!! “Oh,” she gasped sharply as he penetrated her unsuspecting lips, “h-he’s fucking me from behind and it feels soooooooooooo nice!!!” Little Kira strained to watch the big cock plowing in and out of Ellyn’s pussy, and as his breathing became more labored, Ellyn soaped and fingered her hairy pussy as the tension inside grew ten fold!!!

“How does that feel, dear,” Ellyn whispered to their naked guest, “you seem to be having a problem with your vagina, is there something I can do to help you out!?!” “?}?Y-yes, please,” Kira gasped, “l-let me cum, please, I-I’m right on the edge, oh so close, oh so close!!!” “I don’t know,” Elly replied doubtfully, “I don’t think you’re ready at all, do you John, I mean does she look ready to you!?!” John’s eyes were literally glazing over as he watched his wife finger the cute little Asian, but since Ellyn didn’t think she was ready, he merely gasped and nodded in agreement while still ramming his tool in and out of her!!! “See,” Ellyn offered, “John agrees with me, you’re but no means ready, but I think I know how we can alleviate that condition, do you want me to tell you what we have to do!?!” Kira was now turning into a blithering idiot that would have agreed to mass murder to get her gun off, so when out of nowhere Ellyn produced a doubled edged razor, and with a little smirk whispered, “Now, baby, we’re gonna shave you as smooth as a baby’s bottom, okay,” all Kira could do was nod her head in assent as a little line of drool ran out of the corner of her mouth!!!

John couldn’t believe what he was seeing, his wife was very gently using a safety razor to remove every last bit of hair from the young Asian’s pussy, and when she was finished, it was evident that her pregnant belly wasn’t the only fat thing on her tiny body, as her vaginal lips were the biggest and fullest he had ever seen in his life!!! “Oh, god,” Ellyn moaned while staring at Kira’s incredibly engorged organ , “j-just look at her lips, and her clitty, ohhhhhhhh god it’s sticking out between her labia!!!” John’s pecker had long since turned from being a sexual organ into a brutally efficient battering ram, and as his wife rubbed a generous handful of baby oil into Kira’s slit, his pecker convulsed hard, sending shot after shot of hot jism rocketing deep into her well fucked quim!!! Ellyn’s whole body began shaking as another orgasm began overtaking her, and as her hands roamed from Kira’s pussy to her big distended belly, the little Oriental’s body shudder?}?ed hard several times as her own climax slammed into her vagina like a runaway freight train!!! Kira’s hips literally rose up off the bottom of the tub while her pussy spasmed completely out of control, and much to her surprise and delight, Ellyn leaned down, and with a voracious look on her face, buried her mouth directly into her hot slick pussy!!!

If she thought that she had cum hard before, Kira’s pussy absolutely went ballistic as it shuddered and shook to a mind bending orgasm courtesy of Ellyn’s insistent tongue that was directly attached to the head of her super flushed clitoris!!! All three participants then collapsed in their tracks as all of their strength had been sapped do to the ferocity of their climaxes!!! Ellyn’s mouth was still pressed into Kira’s gaping pussy, and even though totally spent, she still had enough of the devil in her to furiously lick the poor visitor to one last gentle cum!!! “N-no more,” she moaned as the last vestiges of her climax ebbed away, I couldn’t take even one more!!!” Ellyn struggled to her feet, and after gaining her balance, stepped into the tub, and while still standing, lined up her pussy with Kira’s and let loose with a torrent of hot piss that splashed down hard directly on the stunned girl’s pussy, inducing yet another incredible cum from the now totally depleted smoothly shaven cunt!!!

After Kira had left and gone home, Ellyn gave John a sly look, and with a twinkle in her eye, dropped to her knees and whispered, “And you thought we were all finished, well, we’re just beginning……”

THE END. Over here .

Hentai: (C99) [Take Out (Zeros)] Saiin Gekka (Tsukihime)

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(C99) [Take Out (是露巣)]催淫月花(月姫)

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