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Returning to the bedroom she changes into black lacy lingerie and a tight fitting black dress, “your chores for the day are to clean the house and all the toys, replacing any dead batteries as well. After that you may dress and do as you please, however I want you at the door waiting for me at 5pm exact”
“Of course mistress, I will have everything completed by your return”

As Elizabeth leaves I begin my chores which take me until early afternoon to complete.

Hentai: (C70) [Satsukidoh, Nodoame (Miyabi Juri, Ishida Nodoame)] Tokeijikake no Orange (Fate/stay night)

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(C70) [皐月堂、のど雨 (雅樹里、石田のどあめ)]時計仕掛けのオレンジ(Fate/stay night)

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